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Retirement Products

Baltimore Life’s annuity portfolio* features a wide range of annuity products to address your retirement needs. These products allow individuals to make periodic or single premium payments with tax deferral of interest earnings.

Flexible Premium Retirement Annuity (FPRA)

Baltimore Life’s FPRA features flexible premium payments, guaranteed income options, and a variety of payout choices. Partial withdrawals of up to 90 percent of your annuity value are available, and you may surrender your annuity for its cash value at any time. Benefits are paid directly to the beneficiary at the death of the annuity owner.

Single Premium Deferred Annuity (SPDA)

Our Choice® SPDA offers your choice of a guaranteed interest rate period (five or seven years) for saving toward retirement. You also choose the payout option that’s best for you. SPDA also features surrender-charge free partial withdrawals, total withdrawal or surrender at any time (surrender charges may apply), and a guaranteed income you can’t outlive. See client brochure for more information.

*These product descriptions are not a contract and descriptions of policy provisions are only partial. Policies and riders may not be available in all states. Refer to the individual policies referenced for complete terms and conditions.

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