Baltimore Life Logo Terms of Use

Baltimore Life's Logo

Baltimore Life’s logo was designed to maintain a visually cohesive and consistent identity for all sales divisions and departments within the company. Two parts comprise the Baltimore Life logo— the ship and the name of the company beneath it. The two elements cannot be separated without approval from the Corporate Marketing and Communications (CMCT) department at Baltimore Life (

Two-Color Baltimore Life Logo Usage

Baltimore Life prefers that the two-color version of the logo is used (Baltimore Life blue PANTONE® 2935) and black. No other colors may be used for the two-color logo.

  • In instances of commercial printing (offset, screen printing) use the .eps version of the PANTONE® 2935 blue and black inks.
  • The logo also may be printed in process color. The CMYK equivalent to PANTONE® 2935 blue is as follows: C=100, M=47, Y=0, K=0
  • World Wide Web and other electronic media require a web-safe color palette (#0066cc blue and black).
  • To ensure correct color matching, please use approved color chips.
  • Under no circumstances should the logo be isolated within a box or frame.

One-Color Baltimore Life Logo Usage

The official ink colors of the one-color logo are reverse white or black. Use the logo in the official colors whenever possible.

  • In instances where only one ink color is used, the logo may be printed in reverse or black.
  • In instances where the logo needs to appear over a large, dark background area, use the reversal (white) version of the logo.
  • If you are using the logo in printed material that does not use PANTONE® 2935 blue or black ink contact for further direction.

Baltimore Life Logo Size

The Baltimore Life logo is designed to retain its characteristics in a variety of applications and sizes. To ensure readability, the logo may be used no smaller than 1¼" wide, as shown below (Figure A). Certain applications, such as signage, may require enlargements of the Baltimore Life logo. Logo reproductions should be made from CMCT approved electronic files or from a logo slick sheet.

Unacceptable Logo Uses

To create a strong, unified Baltimore Life image in the public eye, it is imperative to avoid improper uses of the logo. The stylized elements of the logo, the colors of PANTONE® 2935 blue and black, as well as the classical typography are integral to the logo. The Baltimore Life logo or its individual elements may not be redrawn, reproportioned, distorted, skewed or altered in any way. Do not modify the logo in any way:

  • Do not stretch or compress the logo in any form (see Figure A).
  • Do not use the logo within a box or frame (see Figure B).
  • Do not use an alternate or substitute typeface.
  • Do not display the logo at an angle.
  • Do not crop the words “The Baltimore Life Companies” at the bottom of the logo. They must be used together.

Figure A: Do not distort the Baltimore Life logo in any way, including reproportion.

Figure B: It is unacceptable to use the Baltimore Life logo within a box or frame.

Grid Guidelines

To ensure legibility and recognition, and to prevent any obstruction of the mark, a protected area is preserved around the logo. This clearance area around the logo, equal to one half the height of the ship, defines the minimum distance required between the Baltimore Life logo and any other adjacent element. The area of the logo, or image area, may not be altered by including image layers, text or any other element that may alter the appearance of the logo. The logo must stand alone.


Align text, such as an address, approximately ¼” beneath the word “Companies” in the logo. Please observe the clearance area around the logo. Under no circumstances should the logo be isolated within a box or frame.


No other logos or elements may be introduced so as to give the impression that the logo represents a direct or implied endorsement, strategic alliance, affiliation, or partnership with Baltimore Life.


The logo may not be redistributed to any third party or be used to represent any person or business other than the original requesting party.

Logo Removal

Baltimore Life reserves the right to request logo removal from any Web site, print material or other media where logo is actively used, for whatever reason(s) deemed valid by Baltimore Life. Reasonable notice of removal will be given.

Advertising Reminders

All advertising displaying the Baltimore Life logo or describing Baltimore Life products must be pre-approved by the Baltimore Life Compliance and CMCT departments. Submit your material to This department will coordinate the review process. If appropriate, include the agency name in submitted advertisement. If you require assistance preparing a version of the logo to suit your specific needs, please contact Baltimore Life’s Communications Team at Instances of logo abuse may also be reported to this same e-mail address.

Request Access

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