Giving Back

Life insurance is about peopleā€”it is about fulfilling dreams, providing for families, and, ultimately, strengthening communities.

Since our founding in 1882, The Baltimore Life Insurance Company has been committed to making a positive difference in the communities where our employees live, work and serve our clients. To this end, we actively support and promote the following programs and activities:

Community Grants Program
Each year, Baltimore Life awards grants to multiple nonprofit organizations serving Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and the surrounding communities. Special consideration is given to organizations addressing family, safety and community enhancement issues. In the seven years since the program's introduction, our Career Agency Sales Group has awarded more than 600 grants to local charities. Learn more and sign up for program announcements.

United Way
Baltimore Life actively supports the United Way through an annual fundraising drive. This effort includes corporate and individual employee contributions, committee activities, company-sponsored events and focused employee communications. Our financial contributions support vital health and human services programs that care for thousands of people every year.

Blood Drives
Baltimore Life routinely offers the The Red Cross access to its offices, providing the opportunity for employees to conveniently donate blood during their work day.

Employee Volunteer Efforts
Baltimore Life highly values service and outreach. Our employees carry on their personal support of community initiatives in their "off" time and are active community volunteers. They support a wide variety of local and national nonprofit civic, religious and community groups that serve individuals, families and neighborhoods. Many boards and committees reap the benefits our employees' talents by having them serve in decision-making capacities. We help make their charitable vision a reality.

Employee volunteerism is encouraged through awards that recognize leadership in community service and "top down" modeling of involvement by our managers and executives. From volunteering to help local PSTA's to serving on the board of local chapters of national organizations, Baltimore Life associates are committed to serving our communities every day.

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