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If you're between the ages of 45 and 89, a quick phone call can help secure your family's financial future for a time when you cannot. A 10-minute phone call could qualify you for low-cost, whole life insurance coverage between $2,500 and $50,000. This whole life product is designed to help settle your final expenses such as medical bills, funeral expenses, or other debt. Even if you've been turned down before, you may be eligible now.

People love this product since there is no required medical exam (only a few health questions), the rates are budget friendly, and they will never increase.

The product is also ideal for those who have postponed getting life insurance or want to supplement their current coverage.

End-of-Life Services are Rising1

The cost of funeral services continues to increase. In the past five years, a funeral's median cost has climbed by 6%, while a funeral with cremation has seen an increase of 11.3%.1

Plan Features

Simple to Apply

- Short application with a few health questions.
- No physical exam, no blood testing, no underwriter phone calls.
- Underwriting decisions are given immediately when you apply.

Guaranteed Death Benefit

From the moment you’re covered, your death benefit is fixed and can never go down.

Guaranteed Premiums

Your premiums are fixed from the date of issue and will never increase!

Cannot be Canceled; Guaranteed!

As long as your scheduled premium payments are made, your insurance coverage will never be canceled, no matter what.

No Cost Benefits

—Accelerated Death Benefit: Receive up to 75% of your death benefit early if a terminal illness is diagnosed and life expectancy is within 12 months.
—$1,000 cash draft to cover necessities until the death claim is settled.

Guaranteed Cash Value Accumulation

Over time, cash values may be available to help you if you have a financial emergency.

1NFDA News Release. 2021 NFDA General Price List Study Shows Funeral Costs Not Rising as Fast as Rate of Inflation. National Funeral Director’s Association. (2021, November 4). Retrieved November 3, 2022, from

**These product descriptions are not a contract and descriptions of policy provisions are only partial. Policies and riders may not be available in all states. Refer to the individual policies referenced for complete terms and conditions. See client brochure for more information.

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