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Life's changes come at us fast. We are born and we die. In between, we live our lives, create our story, and worry about all sorts of things from our loved ones to ourselves to our property. We worry about paying for the business we've dreamed of opening, the college education our children will need and how to plan for a comfortable retirement. Then there's avoiding financial catastrophe due to unforeseen illness or disability, a divorce or an unexpected death. While some changes are planned and others just happen, it's life and we're here for it. Let's talk today about how we can help lessen your worries and you can get back to living.

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Covering my personal property

Keeping my home for my family

Would your family or loved ones be able to stay in your current home if you passed away today, tomorrow or next year? Would they be able to maintain their standard of living or would they have to downsize and make drastic changes? Maybe take on a second or third job. Could they continue make the vehicle loan payments? Would the loss of your income make their daily lives a challenge?

These are just a few of the important questions you need to consider if you’re a homeowner with a mortgage or carry loan balances on your autos. Protecting your dreams from an untimely death is our top concern. Let’s talk today about how we can protect your loved ones by keeping them in your home and continuing forward without the financial worry potentially left behind.

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Adjusting to major life changes

Engaged or married, having a baby, untimely death, divorced or widowed

Change is the only thing that's constant in life, and many changes can affect your financial security. If you’re getting married, it’s important to start your new life together on solid financial ground. When a baby arrives, the focus of your entire life changes in an instant. Any major life change should prompt a review of the protection you have in place, not just for you, but for your loved ones as well. Coverages such as life, health, dental, home and auto need to grow and change with you. And, you always need to be prepared for the unthinkable possibility of living on your own following a death or a divorce.

Be sure you're ready for whatever changes come your way.

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Treasuring my family

Supporting aging parents, paying for child’s college, helping my family member or long-term care

Your family is the most important part of your life. Being there when they need you is everyone’s goal. As your family changes over time, it's important to provide a stable financial foundation that can help cover expenses such as your children's college education, caring for elderly family members who once took care of you, or leaving something behind for loved ones when you're gone.

Let us help make sure your family's future is protected.

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Coping with a disability or illness

End-of-life concerns or long-term care

A critical illness or disability can happen to any of us at any time. The good news is advances in medical care now allow more people than ever to survive a serious illness. The not so good news? Surviving doesn’t always mean the quality of life is the same and long-term care may be necessary. Couple this with the cost of coping with a disability or illness and the result can be a financial catastrophe. Carrying adequate health insurance is necessary, but even that may not be enough when chronic illnesses and injuries occur.

The right coverage can help keep a disability or critical illness from causing financial ruin in your life. As difficult as this conversation may be to have, we can make it easier. Contact us to learn more.

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Protecting my paycheck

Taking on debt, paying off credit or received a promotion

Your car and your home are likely protected by insurance. But there's a good chance that you aren't properly protecting something that's more important than either of those things: your paycheck.

Without your paycheck, how long would you be able to pay your mortgage, buy groceries, or pay your bills? If you're like most Americans, it wouldn't be long at all.

Learning to manage your debt is another key ideal way to protect your paycheck. Not all debt is bad (and some is necessary) but lowering your balances while taking care of the essentials should be a top priority. And if your paycheck suddenly grows due to a promotion or other financial windfall, you need to make sure your financial planning keeps pace.

Let’s talk today about how to protect your paycheck. By the way, we can also compare rates on your current home and auto policies. You may be surprised at how competitive our rates are and there is no cost to you for this service.

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Wanting lifetime income

Planning for retirement, supplementing Medicare or enjoying retirement

If you are near (or in) retirement, you probably have some money set aside as savings, CDs, 401(k)s, IRAs or other retirement accounts. However, there's always a risk of outliving those savings.

It’s good to start planning fact, it’s never too early to start. In addition to planning for retirement income, you need to make sure your Medicare coverage won’t come up short. Supplemental coverage is available to help cover gaps in insurance. Proper preparation will allow you to enjoy the adventures that await you in your retirement years. You don’t want to be forced to choose among paying for prescription costs or medical bills over living expenses and enjoying life. This is a sobering reality for many who fail to properly plan.

Schedule time today to learn how you can use your retirement savings to create a guaranteed monthly income that will continue for as long as you live.

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Transferring my estate

Leaving an inheritance or creating wealth

Like many people your age, you've spent your life working hard, paying your mortgage, raising your children and saving for retirement. It's time to look back with pride on your accomplishments, and to think about the future of the loved ones you'll leave behind.

When you consider tax consequences and the costs of probate, it's not easy to determine the best way to leave something behind for your heirs. Leaving an inheritance is a tribute to the life you’ve led, the memories you’ve made and the final act of love you give your heirs. Let’s talk today about how you can provide an inheritance for your chosen beneficiaries.

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Offering benefits to my employees

Workplace benefits

If you're a business owner, you've probably faced significant increases in health insurance premiums, workers' compensation, and other costs of doing business. How can you provide important benefits to your employees without hurting your bottom line? What can you do to attract and retain the best and brightest employees, while boosting the morale of your existing staff?

A solid workplace benefits package can help you hire and keep the most sought-after employees We can show you how to easily offer voluntary benefits to your employees, with no direct out-of-pocket costs to your business.

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Safeguarding my business

Owning a business, protecting my key employees or changing ownership

If you own a business, you know that the rewards can be huge, but so is the work and the risk. You have more to protect than most people do, and you need personalized coverage to protect all facets of the dream you made a reality. Your business, your employees, and your own family all need financial protection.

You also need to protect your key employees to be sure your business can survive the loss of a partner. If your business changes hands, you need to ensure that all parties benefit.

Life insurance can help protect your business, and it can help attract and retain key employees. Let’s talk about how we can help you protect your business!

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